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Daily Dua for Living a Life of Fulfillment

There are countless perks of praying or making a daily dua to Allah Almighty (SWT). Thus, to pray or make supplications for achieving what you want  in life is an effort that is liked by Allah Almighty (SWT). There are many hindrances in life, but our best purpose in this world is to pray for Allah (SWT) and work continuously to do good deeds that can lead us to a life in Jannah in the world hereafter.

The dua can be made in any language. For example, you can do a dua in English to make the praying easy if you are an English speaker. We have added the best prayers in our dua section. You can select from Daily Recitations Quranic Duas, Quranic Daily Essential Duas and Quranic Supplication English & Urdu Duas from our website.

There is no other better method of worshiping Allah Almighty (SWT) other than by praying to strengthen your faith in His absolute authority. That’s because he can fulfill your best of dua.


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Gain Rewards from Allah Almighty with His Remembrance

  • The Islam guides Mulsims to make duas, and the one who prays to Allah is greatly rewarded by Allah Almighty.
  • Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) conveyed, “Allah is extremely displeased with the person who doesn’t make dua to Him.” (at-Tirmidhi). With this knowledge we can deduce that by making duas, we can become the favorite person of Allah Almighty who prays for His blessings.
  • With duas we can gain His favors by worshiping him, and by remembering that He is the most powerful of all. We hope with our best of dua resource download page, you can make duas that can improve your life by the Grace of Allah Almighty.