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Download Quran Pak the Holy Book of Guidance

Allah Almighty has benefited mankind with the Holy Quran. The purpose of this Holy Book is to guide everyone with the code of life that can lead to success in this world and world hereafter. On our Quran download page you can obtain the different versions of the Quran-e-Kareem with translation. For example, you can download Quran-e-Kareem in Urdu and English translations. Or if you like to recite it in Arabic then there is a version of the Holy Quran that is in Arabic language. Also, we have downloadable copies of the Holy Quran in 15 and 16 lines Arabic format.

There are many benefits of downloading and reciting the Quran Pak from our Alzikra Quran Center. For example, it makes you calm, and Allah (SWT) conveys to the Muslims “verily with the remembrance of Allah, do heart find peace” Quran (13:28) That can lead to plenty of blessings as you recite the chapters of the Quran Pak.

Allah Almighty favors those people who learn to recite the Holy Quran. They are considered pious believers by Allah (SWT). Thus, it is the duty of all the Muslim, kids and adults to learn the recitation of the Quran because Allah Almighty rewards those who dedicate their time in receiving Islamic education.


How can the Quran’s Recitation Benefit us?

There are ten rewards for the recitation of each alphabet. That means whenever you read an individual alphabet that makes words and sentences in the Holy Quran’s chapters, you will gain ten rewards for each of the alphabet. The rewards can be added together making it possible to gain Allah (SWT)’s blessings.  You can download the Quran from our website to get closer to Allah (SWT)’s blessings. The Holy Quran introduces us to the instructions of Allah. Thus, if you want to improve your faith in Allah Almighty then you should recite the Holy Quran.

The more you gain knowledge of the Islam by Quran download at our website, the higher your position will be in the community of those people who are close to Allah (SWT). The Quran will be a source of your relief on the day of judgement. The people who recite Quran daily and live their life according to the instructions of Allah Almighty will gain a reward by Him. You can do a Quran download at our website to learn more.