15 Simple Ways to get Daily Rewards of virtues for the Busy Souls



Life has this sneaky way of keeping us on our toes, doesn’t it? In the hustle and bustle, we often lose sight of what truly matters. The grind of our daily routines can make us forget that the path to our ultimate destination involves accumulating rewards every day.

15 Ways to get virtues in Busy life are:

1- Dive into the Quran for Daily Insights

Ever thought about starting your day with a dose of wisdom? Well, here’s a thought: crack open the Quran. It doesn’t have to be a grand production—just pick a page, recite an ayah, ponder its meaning as you tackle your day. If you’re feeling ambitious, plug in a Tafseer on your car stereo or while you’re whipping up breakfast. Let the Quran’s teachings shape your perspective daily.

2-Elevate Your Worship Post-Prayer

Once you’ve wrapped up your Salah, why not sprinkle in a little extra devotion? It could be a trio of Allahu Akbar, a recitation of Ayahtul Kursi, or showering blessings on the Prophet Muhammad. Injecting a small act of worship right after your prayers can seamlessly bridge the gap between the spiritual and the everyday hustle.

3-Charity: Small Change, Big Impact

Charity doesn’t always require deep pockets. Commit to giving a little every day—whether it’s a humble Rs.1 or a single cent. You can collect these daily contributions in a bowl and unleash a more substantial sum at the end of the month. Regardless of the amount, consistency is key. Aim to be counted among the charitable when the day of judgment arrives.

4-Serve Humanity, One Gesture at a Time

Sometimes, making a difference doesn’t demand grand gestures. Look around, find a way to contribute to your community. It could be as straightforward as picking up litter during your stroll, offering a warm “Assalamu Alaikum,” or simply sharing a smile. Remember, a small deed can tip the scales heavily in favor of good.

5-Wudhu: A Purity Ritual

Turn your bathroom breaks into moments of purity. Perform Wudhu each time you step out. By staying in a state of Wudhu for a significant part of the day, you invite blessings through the state of purity. https://www.al-islam.org/ritual-and-spiritual-purity-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/ii-wudu

6-Pray As Much As Possible

In the whirlwind of our busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight of our connection with Allah. Amidst the chaos, one steadfast way to keep that connection alive is to weave prayer seamlessly into our day. While the demands of our schedules may tempt us to delay or forget our prayers, making a conscious effort to pray regularly can serve as a constant reminder of Allah’s presence. The more we engage in prayer, the more profound our closeness to Allah becomes, enveloping us in feelings of peace and security.

7-Remember Allah When You Eat

Whether you’re a three-meals-a-day person or prefer smaller, more frequent bites, infuse each eating moment with remembrance of Allah. Begin with a simple grace before your meal, expressing gratitude for the sustenance before you. As you conclude, take a moment to give thanks, acknowledging the privilege of having a meal.

Take this practice a step further by incorporating charity into your daily dining routine. Share a portion of your meal with those less fortunate, an act that not only benefits others but also serves as a continuous reminder of the blessings bestowed upon us. In these moments of mindful eating, you’re not just nourishing your body but also nurturing a profound connection with Allah and those in need.

8-Strengthening Bonds Closer to Allah Through Good Deeds

Embarking on a journey to draw closer to Allah involves more than just words; it requires tangible actions that resonate with goodness. Engaging in acts of kindness not only fosters a sense of proximity to Allah but also serves as a profound expression of love and devotion.

When you actively participate in good deeds, a natural connection to Allah blossoms within you. These acts become a testament to your commitment and serve as a constant reminder of His presence in your life.

Furthermore, the beauty of doing good extends beyond the virtuous act itself. By immersing yourself in positive actions, the likelihood of succumbing to sinful activities diminishes. The focus on goodness becomes a shield, steering you away from paths that may lead astray.

In essence, drawing closer to Allah through good deeds transforms faith into a lived experience. It’s a simple yet powerful way to enrich your spiritual journey, fostering a deep and lasting connection with the Divine. So, let your actions echo your devotion, and watch as the bond between you and Allah grows stronger with every benevolent deed.

9-Speak of the Prophet (S.A.W.) with Love and Reverence

In the tapestry of our daily conversations, let the name of the Prophet (S.A.W.) weave seamlessly. Infuse your speech with genuine love and reverence as you share anecdotes of the remarkable things he said and did. By consistently mentioning him in conversations, you not only manifest your affection but also invite others to appreciate the beauty of his teachings.

i-Embrace His Exemplary Life

The Prophet (S.A.W.) stands as an extraordinary figure, a paragon of virtuous living. Endeavor to mold your life in accordance with his example. Strive to mirror the noble qualities he exhibited, transforming his life into a blueprint for your own. In emulating his virtues, you embark on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

ii-Immerse Yourself in Knowledge

Knowledge is a key to love. Dive into the vast sea of information about the Prophet (S.A.W.). Read books, listen to enlightening lectures, and watch documentaries that unravel the layers of his life. The more you delve into his story, the deeper your affection and admiration will grow. Knowledge becomes the bridge that connects your heart to his, fostering a profound connection.

iii-Make Dua for His Blessings

Invoke the blessings of Allah upon the Prophet (S.A.W.) through heartfelt prayers. Ask Allah to grant you a comprehensive understanding of Islam and ease in practicing its teachings. Seek forgiveness for all transgressions, big or small, and implore Allah to shower His perpetual blessings upon the Prophet. Pray for peace to reign in the world and for the Prophet’s guidance to illuminate our paths.

iV-Anticipate the Honor of Meeting Him

In your most intimate moments of prayer, express the yearning for a momentous encounter. Ask Allah to grant you the honor of meeting the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in person when the appointed time arrives. Let this anticipation fuel your commitment to living a life aligned with his teachings, ensuring that when the day comes, you stand ready to embrace the cherished meeting.

In nurturing love for the Prophet (S.A.W.), each action becomes a testament to your devotion, forging an unbreakable bond with the embodiment of divine guidance.

10-Focus on What’s Right

In the relentless pace of our daily lives, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what truly matters. However, by taking a deliberate step back and prioritizing what is right, we can effortlessly weave the remembrance of Allah into our routines.

*Read Qur’an Regularly

Immerse yourself in the divine wisdom of the Qur’an. Regular reading not only deepens your connection with Allah but also serves as a steadfast reminder of His guidance.

*Nourish Your Body Wisely

Respect your body as a sacred trust. Opt for healthy eating habits and proper hydration to sustain your energy and avoid unnecessary fatigue.

*Perform Daily Prayers with Sincerity

Prayers are not just rituals; they’re a means of discipline and a direct line of communication with Allah. Approach your daily prayers with sincerity, using this time to focus on God and express your needs.

*Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Redirect your mind towards positivity. Gratitude for what you have and optimism about the future create an environment that naturally aligns with righteousness.

*Avoid  Gossips

Gossiping breeds negativity. By avoiding gossip, you maintain a focus on constructive and uplifting conversations.

*Pursue Knowledge

The quest for knowledge is a perpetual journey towards Allah. Engage in lifelong learning to draw closer to Him.

*Embrace Quick Forgiveness

Release yourself from the shackles of resentment. Swift forgiveness not only heals wounds but also fosters an atmosphere of peace.

*Cultivate Gratitude

Every blessing, big or small, deserves acknowledgment. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude to constantly recognize the blessings bestowed upon you.

*Make Dua (Supplication)

In moments of humility, turn to Allah through supplication. Dua serves as a reminder of our dependence on Him and humbles us in His presence.

*Prioritize Family and Friends

Amidst your pursuits, don’t neglect the ties that bind. Spending time with loved ones reinforces the commitment to doing what is right, as their presence serves as a reminder of mutual care and support.

*Increasing Dua in a Busy Life

*Fulfilling Fardh Obligations

Amidst life’s busyness, honor your Fardh obligations. From fasting during Ramadan to performing wudu and praying five times a day, these actions not only fulfill your religious duties but also serve as constant reminders of Allah’s presence.

* Reflecting on Blessings

Take moments to contemplate the blessings bestowed upon you. Acknowledging these blessings is a powerful way to remember Allah amidst the chaos of daily life.

*Don’t Forget Fajr

The early morning Fajr time offers a unique opportunity for prayer. Despite the hustle and bustle, dedicating time during Fajr allows you to connect with Allah, recognizing the special blessings inherent in this sacred moment.

11-Surround Yourself with Good Company

As social beings, our connections shape our experiences. Choosing to be in the company of those mindful of Allah and committed to goodness can profoundly impact our lives. If daily prayers pose a challenge, find a companion to share this spiritual journey. The collective remembrance of Allah becomes second nature when surrounded by like-minded individuals.

12-Social Media Influence

Our online interactions are not immune to influence. The individuals we follow shape our perception of the world. Opt for those who contribute positively, ensuring social media becomes a tool for benefit rather than a source of distraction. Mindful curation of our online circle enhances our virtual environment.

13-Give Greetings of Peace

The simple act of exchanging greetings of peace holds immense power. The warmth of salaams shared between fellow Muslims, even in foreign lands, builds bonds and uplifts hearts. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) emphasized its significance, noting that spreading peace contributes to the path to Jannah. Engage in this act, fostering connections and maintaining ties of kinship, regardless of geographical boundaries.

14-Embrace Gratitude Every Day

Gratitude, a timeless wisdom echoed by contemporary research, has its roots in the Qur’an. The act of being thankful correlates with increased happiness. Allah’s words in the Qur’an affirm the principle, promising abundance to those who express gratitude. Make it a daily practice to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings around you, reinforcing a positive and contented outlook on life.


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