5 Best Online Quran Learning Tips on a Daily Basis


Time is money in this materialistic world, and no one is here, who wants to waste his time in any case. The scheduling and routine are very stiff when we see around us, and it has become almost impossible to incorporate a new activity in our daily tasks. And when it does not translate into money, we generally ignore them all. The same is happening to the Quran and other Islamic Teachings as well in the Muslim communities, although it is obligatory for all to learn the Holy Quran and basic teachings of Islam. Another obligation is to recite it regularly. But, if you have not learned it before; you need to take the decision right now. For that, the best option is to join the online Quran learning course offered by numerous Islamic websites such as

If you want these classes, you can join the class according to your time schedule. Online Quran tutors are available 24 hours a day for you and you can decide whether you want to learn daily, weekly or on weekends. You need only 30 minutes in a day for these classes to fulfill this basic requirement of Islamic teachings.

Learning Quran Online for Children

Learning the Quran online is equally important for your children as well. The overseas Muslim cannot acquire traditional methods of the Quran teachings for their kids due to non-availability in most of the countries. The time barrier is another major hurdle in this regard because children have no time to go to Islamic centres and learn the Quran. Nothing is better than the Online Quran Learning course in this situation.

As the timings are flexible and you just manage 30 minutes of your children in a day, so why should you keep you and your children away from the Quran that is the ultimate guide for all the humanity?
We must understand as a Muslim that we cannot ignore the importance of offering five mandatory prayers and reading the Quran on a regular basis. These activities not only help us refresh our body and soul, but also improve our lives by following the sayings of Allah Almighty and His great messenger, The prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So, we need to incorporate five-time prayers and reading Quran online on an immediate basis in our daily routine.

Consider the following lines to make Quran reading online a part of your life:

Seek help from Allah

We always need help from Allah, and for that, we must develop a connection with Him. Reciting the Quran is a wonderful way of developing such a relationship through which we not only achieve what we want in this world but will also enjoy the life hereafter.

Set a target for you

Setting a target for living a successful life is a must for every individual. If you have not done it yet, you need to decide now and start through setting a target of reading the Quran online. Initially, you must set a smaller target and follow it strictly. When you develop a schedule of reading the Quran, you will also be able to set other goals to get success in your life as well that will help you achieve your future goals.

Plan to read Quran

Arranging a hard copy or downloading the authentic version of the Holy Quran is the next step for you to read it on a daily basis. Normally, it is quite difficult to pick the Holy Quran and read it by leaving all other activities. On the other hand, reading the Quran online allows you to start reading immediately when you find some time for it.

Review the schedule on a regular basis

Initially, you will face some problems in finding the time, but with the passage of time and reviewing the schedule regularly, you will find reading the Quran online easy and according to your requirement.

Listening Quran recitation

If you have no time for recitation, you can motivate yourself through listening to the Quran from some of the most-renowned Qaris. The words in the Quran are a blessing of Allah and hearing these words provides great benefits to us. We assure you that you will not only find great comfortable while listening but also helps you in the life hereafter.


In a nutshell, time does not matter in the daily routine of a Muslim because saying prayer five times a day and reciting the Quran is obligatory and to thank Allah against all His blessings, nothing is better than read the Holy Quran and implement its teachings in our daily life.

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