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Being Muslims we thoroughly have a faith in living a life according to the concepts of Islam in this world. The objective of our good deeds is to gain rewards in this world, and in the world hereafter. You can gain these rewards by learning Tafseer Quran Online. It is an established fact that the Quran offers the best guidance in this world. The Holy Quran educates us in the best possible manner by narrating a story and making the learning procedure convenient.

The Islam spread in Arabia within the initial century of its revelation on the Holy Prophet by the Holy Quran. The non-Arab Muslims require guidance to understand the Islam. For this purpose the Muslim scholars created the Tafseer for educating the non-Arab Muslims with the true teachings of Islam. They can understand the meaning of Arabic ayats to make it convenient to learn the Arabic instructions sent by Allah swt for the Muslims.

How can the Online Tafseer course assist you in finding out about the Quran?

The “Tafseer” is a word that originates from the Arabic language. It has its origins from the word “Fassara”. The meaning of this word is linked with deep explanation, description, or translation. According to the dictionary the meaning of Tafseer is interpretation or elaboration. 

In the Tafseer course we instill you with a detailed understanding of every Quranic verse. You can only learn the Quran appropriately after understanding these details with Tafseer Quran online. Moreover, when you can incorporate them to your life you can benefit from these four aspects of Tafseer:

Understanding of the Quran’s Meaning on its own

Explanation of the Quran’s meaning by the scholars that you can specifically learn from the Quran. Also, you can learn the necessary guidelines of the Quran from the Tafseer course. Our Learn Quran Online academy can happily assist you in learning from Tafseer by the experienced and trained tutors.

Interpretation of Quran by Sunnah

The second method of learning the meanings of Quran’s lessons is by Sunnah. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) guided us with the Quran through his examples. Our qualified teachers can educate you with this method of learning by increasing your knowledge of the Quran. By learning the Quran with Tafseer Quran online, you can be on the path to becoming a better Muslim.

Finding out meaning of Quran by the Statements of Sahaba

The Sahaba were the close companions of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). They studied the practical application of the Holy Quran and Islam while they were alive. Thus, facilitating the students to understand the Quran by their statements. It assists everyone who wants to learn the Quran by meaning. So tutors at our online academy can help you in learning from the statements of Sahaba.

Learning the Quran by its Explanation in Arabic Language

Learning the Quran is convenient assuming you study the Arabic language course. Arabic and specifically classic Arabic in which the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in clear to understand and easy language. At Learn Quran academy you can learn the Holy Quran with its Explanation in Arabic Language. By learning from Tafseer Quran online you can gain Islamic knowledge from us.

Why is Learning Tafseer Necessary?

Do you like Quranic recitation? Assuming you prefer to understand each and every word of the Holy Quran with its precise meaning and explanation. Then you have come to the right place, our trained scholars can guide you with a great knowledge.

What can you Learn from the Quran at our Learn Quran Online Academy?

It is necessary to learn the instructions of the Holy Quran. Learn Quran online academy provides a web-based Tafseer Course:

  • You will obtain in-depth and insightful knowledge with interpretation of Quranic Ayats. With Tafseer Quran online you can learn about the true teachings of Islam.
  • In-depth description linked with ayats that consist of Islamic rules.
  • Knowledge linked with the reasons for Allah’s punishments on the primitive civilizations.
  • Finding out the meaning of Quranic ayats concerning hadiths.
  • Entire Quran’s knowledge is important to become a Mufassir.
  • Our guides will assist you with each ayat and describe it in detail. You can enquire about the teachers as many times as it is effective in understanding the meaning of the Quran.
  • Access to saved audio and video information.
  • Access to the web-based course. The course members can gain access to lectures for their entire life.


As Muslims we have an in-depth faith in living a life according to the teachings of Islam in this world. The purpose of our good deeds is to earn rewards in this world, and in the world hereafter. You can earn these rewards by educating yourself with Tafseer Quran Online. It is a highly proven fact that the Quran provides the ultimate teachings in this world. The Holy Quran guides us with the best possible methods by conveying us a story that can make our learning procedure easy.

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