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Knowing The Essence Of Islam In Life In The Light Of Quran Teachings

how-to-Know-The-Essence-Of-Islam-In-Life-In-The-Light-Of-Quran Teachings

We, as Muslims, think that the western media shows a negative picture of Islam and is biased towards us. It is right, but up to some extent, because our lack of knowledge helps them think negatively and present Muslims as extremists. The Muslims also maintain a distance from the moderate aspects and teachings of the Quran, and therefore, most of the people in the world think that Islam is a rigid, extremist and strict religion. According to the online Quran tutors, this lack of knowledge is due to the fact that we Muslims don’t bother enough to read Quran with Tafseer to understand what has been said for us.

Learning Quran Online Reveals What Islam Actually is

If you are learning Quran online, then you will come across a better definition of Islam. Islam is actually the most moderate religion in the world and always maintains a distance from extremism. Islam means peace, so how can a peace loving religion leave harmony and balance in life. There is no extremism and rigidness in Islam, and we will explain it in the following post.

Islam Provides Ease and Comfort in Life

Although all the religions require demonstration and practice, Islam has made all the demonstrations easy and feasible. Even you are learning Quran online from a male tutor, there is no do or die rule in Islam, and Islam provides flexibility in its orders. For example, prayers five times a day is obligatory, but if there is an unavoidable reason, you can offer qazaa as well. Although it is not a favorite habit, Islam allows every Muslim to complete his duty even after the time. Even the female Quran tutors are spreading the word of Islam with the message of peace and kindness.

As described earlier, Salah is obligatory in all the situations and circumstances, but if you cannot offer it due to some health issues, you can complete it while sitting. There is more relaxing for you if you cannot even sit properly as you can do it when lying. It shows the ease that Islam provides to its followers.

Religious Life – Pure Islamic Values

Although Muslims need to follow all the rules laid down by Islam for living a life, Islam does not want that we should leave everything except ibadaat. Religious obligations are a must in Islam, but Islam also wants that we must meet our relatives, friends, and neighbors. We must behave well in society, do business with dedication, learn from nature, and participate in the development of life. Islam has assigned duties to all the Muslims, whether they are father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, uncles or aunties. Let’s see what The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says about it!

Prophet (PBUH) asked His companion Abdullah ibn ‘Amr” R.A.

“Have I heard right that you fast every day and stand in prayer all night?

Abdullah replied:

“Yes, O Messenger of God”

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Do not do that. Fast, as well as eat and drink. Stand in prayer, as well as sleep. This is because your body has a right upon you, your eyes have a right upon you, your wife has a right upon you, and your guest has a right upon you.” (Bukhari)

This hadith tells us that Islam wants that we should be moderate and balanced in our religious life. We also must give time to our worldly life as well as it is also a duty that must be performed and fulfilled the rights of all those people who belong to us.

Worldly Life in the Light of the Holy Quran

We must understand as Muslims that this world has no value in the eyes of Allah Almighty, but it does not mean that we must leave it. We must live a balanced and moderate life and take care of all the people around us. Allah Almighty says in the Quran about it,

“O children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel every time and place of prayer: Eat and drink but waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters. Say: ‘who hath forbidden the beautiful gifts of Allah which He hath produced for His servants and the things clean and pure (which He hath provided) for sustenance? Say: They are in the life of this world, for those who believe, (and) purely for them on the Day of Judgment. Thus do We explain the signs in detail for those who understand.” (7:31-32)

This verse clearly tells us that we can use the pleasures and blessings of this world as Allah has made this world for us. Islam only wants us that we should remember that this world is temporary and we will not live here all the time. So, try to live moderately and do not leave Allah in the enjoyment of this temporary world.

To learn more about the moderate and balanced life, we must give some time to the Quran, click here to get registered, and if we have some issues with it, we need to learn Quran online as it helps us understand what this Divine Book demands from us and how we can balance our religious and worldly life in a perfect manner.

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