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The Pathway to Quranic Mastery Noorani Qaida Online Learning Program

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A necessary aspect about which Allah guides us throughout the Holy Quran is how to lead our life in the best manner. That is correct, thus if you are starting to learn the Quran, your first lessons can be from Noorani Qaida Online. Allah Almighty blesses all his believers with faith and He plans for their ease in this world and the world they will live in after this life.

That proves Allah swt has created for all the believers a path for improving themselves so they can become pious Muslims and they can obtain guidance from the Quran to live a life that is according to Islamic precepts. Allah swt makes sure to provide a complete code of life to those who believe in Him with the examples from his Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)’s life. Thus, you may ask yourself how you can become the best version of yourself in a way that is authentic and effective.

It is perfectly easy because of online Quran learning academies. In this post we will guide you about how you can be on the pathway to Quranic Mastery with Noorani Qaida online learning program.

It is typically quite simple and you can learn about it in this post because we will offer you advice on how to be the best believer that Allah swt wants you to become.

What does Noorani Qaida Course Cover?

Noorani Qaida Course is a primary course that you can learn from the tutors at the online Quran academies by utilizing Noorani Qaida syllabus. These courses are created after a detailed planning that makes the learning process easy. Also, you can enroll your children in these courses. It is a course for starters to learn the Quran. You may not recite the Holy Quran appropriately without learning the basics of recitation first. Your children and loved ones can start learning from this course by gaining understanding of Arabic alphabets. It is advisable for those who do not have any knowledge of Arabic and would like to recite the Quran in Arabic language with the Tajweed. 

Why should you Enroll in a Noorani Qaida Learning Program?

The Noorani Qaida program consists of starting the first course of Quran recitation. This course is necessary for children and students before they start learning the Quran. Everyone who doesn’t have knowledge of reciting the Quran can benefit from the Noorani Qaida Online. Noorani Qaida guidance helps the learners to find out Arabic Tajweed rules. The course starts with learning the basics of Arabic alphabet pronunciation. With the guidance of Arabic tutors, students can understand the rules of recitation easily.

What can you learn in the Noorani Qaida Learning Program?

What rules of recitation will you learn in this Course?

  • You will learn about understanding the Arabic letters in a number of shapes and sounds.
  • Also the Quran tutors will guide you in learning Makharij related to the Arabic alphabets.
  • You will also be guided about the basic Tajweed rules.
  • Also the Quran tutors will guide you about the appropriate pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets in the Quran.
  • The course will also consist of giving you information on basic Islamic knowledge.

Noorani Qaida Course Overview:

With the Noorani Qaida Online course you can learn these methods:

  • Proper pronunciation of Arabic letters according to their correct origin or Makhraj.
  • Finding out about the Alphabet shapes.
  • Combined letters relating to Haroof e Murakkabat.
  • Harakaat or the movements.
  • Movements for standing or Harakaat that are vertical.
  • Maddah Alphabets.
  • Leen Alphabets.
  • How to recite the Sukoon or Jazm.
  • We will also guide everyone enrolled in our course with Tashdeed.
  • Also, the students will learn about Nunnation or Tanween.
  • The understanding of the rules that relate to Noon Sakin.
  • Learning the rules that relate to Meem Sakin.
  • The understanding of rules of Stop or Waqf.
  • The guidance for reciting Noorani Qaida with rules of Tajweed.

Why Should You Select an Academy for Learning the Quran?

You can benefit from the Quran Academy when you plan to learn Noorani Qaida Online. The Noorani Qaida course is hundred percent effective for those learning the Quran. Also, you and your children can benefit from the one to one online Noorani Qaida classes that emphasize on the student’s learning process. Moreover, you can benefit from the independent setup that doesn’t limit you to the classroom in a typical environment. You can benefit from online guidance from any place in the world. The online Quran learning academies have a large number of satisfied students. The academies guarantee that you will learn the correct method of reciting the Quran from their teachers. You can also select the classes at the suitable time that is compatible with your busy timings. 

Joining the Noorani Qaida Online class is the best choice for you and your children. We hope our overview gave you the proper guidance about how to learn the Quran online. With this guidance you and your children can easily learn the basics of the Quran that can make you and your family the pious believers of Allah Almighty.

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